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Introducing the ECG Learning Platform – the ultimate guide to mastering electrocardiograms. This innovative app is designed for students and healthcare professionals who are seeking a modern and effective way to learn about ECGs.

🚀 What are the benefits of activating the Premium plan?

With the Premium learning plan, you will gain access to the complete educational content of the ECG application, which includes articles, test questions, and images. In addition to the educational content, you will also get all the handy features that will make your studying easier and help you achieve better results.

In one place, you will find an extensive selection of learning materials:

  • Dozens of Comprehensive Articles: Immerse yourself in detailed and informative articles that offer in-depth insights across various subject areas related to ECG. Expand your understanding and grasp key concepts effortlessly.
  • Over 100 Test Questions: Sharpen your skills and fortify your knowledge with a vast array of practice test questions. These questions are tailored to help you prepare for diverse test formats and examinations.


  • Theory (Basics of ECG, ECG pathology, Arrhythmias, Myocardial infarction)
  • Clinical (ECG Step by Step, ECG Cases)

Unlike traditional textbooks, the ECG app offers a comprehensive platform that breaks down the complexities of ECGs into easy-to-follow chapters. 🙏 Each chapter contains tutorials and a set of model questions that allow you to test your knowledge and track your progress. The app also includes an Analysis section that provides an anonymous comparison of your test results with other users. 👀

Martin Trnka, M.D., a Czech 🇨🇿 internist, is the main author of the app, and he works tirelessly with his colleagues to continuously update and expand the educational content with the latest medical knowledge.

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